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Alloo! Allo! And all that stuff – plus a bit of a rant on loneliness (as it pertains to my novel)

Hello friends!

Let me cut to the chase!

The “experts” tell me I have to blog rrrreggggularly. By that they mean, every day, every week or every other week.

Now, my question is:

  1. If I send you missives and epistles every day, every week or every other week, won’t you get bored?
  2. Do I have enough interesting material to post every week/other week?
  3. Won’t it be a bit tedious for both of us to write or receive material so predictably? I mean, the fun’s in the suddenness, ain’t it?

So, for the above reasons, don’t expect any regular-like-clockwork blogs from my side. It may be in a day, a week, a month or even longer. And phoooeyy to the experts.


The days are heating up. Unless, of course, you live in the southern hemisphere. But I still manage to go for an evening walk, and believe me it’s like walking in a sauna. I see a few brave souls also venturing out, although the population of this city has somewhat thinned, as it usually does during these summer months when everyone disappears in search of greener and cooler pastures.

Boy, I'd like to be doing this right now!
Boy, I’d like to be doing this right now!

But every evening, on my walk, I come across this sight.

Mums meet every evening

These lovely ladies are the mums of those living in the nearby apartments. They meet every evening, laugh and joke and have a good time together. And it seems each of them take it in turn to bring food for everyone. They are so friendly that when I said a hello to them, they insisted on me sharing their yummy snacks. And I never refuse a good offer.

These ladies have found a way to overcome their loneliness. Living in a foreign country, far away from everything you are familiar with, can be mind-numbingly lonely. Granted, you may be living with your son or daughter or daughter-in-law, and your grandkids. But everyone is so busy with school and work. It’s hard for the older generation to find time to enjoy themselves, but these lovely ladies have found a way out. Kudos to them

Talking of loneliness, that can happen to anyone. You may live in the most crowded of cities, you may have a million FB friends, you may not be old but younger and living with your husband/wife and kids, but it’s still possible to feel impossibly lonely. Imagine a young wife not appreciated or acknowledged by her husband or family. She may have everything- all the material comforts- but unless she is appreciated, she can feel just like a piece of furniture. And that’s just what my protagonist feels- an immense sense of loneliness and unhappiness, which drives her into doing something that is frowned upon by society.

woman looking at sea while sitting on beach
The young too feel lonely

What is that something? Well, you have to wait for my novel to find out. (Whenever it does come out!)

Now, changing the topic somewhat, there’s something else I saw on this walk which really lifted my spirits.img_7985

A community library.

We all have books we read and enjoy, but there’s just so much space to keep them. (Not everyone likes to read on kindle). So all you have to do is to place your book on this community shelf, and if you want to, take another book from it.

Nothing beats loneliness like a good book!

So, until next time…..Minnie

(Images: google pics plus blogger’s own)


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