It’s always nice to get good reviews. But I’m not averse to hearing what readers don’t like about my book, too. Luckily for me, most readers gave me four and five-star reviews, and below is a sample of some of them.

  1. This charming story twists and turns through socialite Dubai, giving a glimpse into the lives of a woman who seems to have it all…but her marriage is rocky, an old lover turns up, her daughter is awfully secretive lately, and her archrival is turning up the heat. I loved seeing both sharp, clever party scenes and the machinations of Dubai elite alongside true and tender scenes of mother and daughter negotiating their relationship as the daughter becomes a young woman. And the peek into worker camp life was intriguing. A smashing debut from Padmini Sankar!

2. 📌Just have a look at the vibrant cover! 
What do you expect?
Something related to partying & socialites maybe.. Right? 
Well, let me tell you, it’s all this & a lot lot more!! 
READ on! 
261 pages, 41 chapters & not a single page that lets down the tempo/ rhythm of the read. The book, although a debut, is fabulously written. I loooved the writing style & the vocab sure added to my dictionary. It’s a peppy & a light read which sure teaches a few life lessons till we reach it’s end! 

3.In one word, the book felt like a delectable bubbly!! So very “Dubai expat” types!! The author has very, very wonderfully brought out the essence of how real or fake the Dubai bubble can get! The characters are so relatable that one has the feeling of deja vu while reading the book!! Loved it!!!

4. Now the review, this book is just one of its kind. It’s really difficult to revolve the story around a single concept, but I must say the author has done a great job. I loved how the author has described everything in such a detailed manner. Language used is very easy and is quite relatable. With a perfect pinch of fun and romance. This book is all set to hold your attention from first page to last page. 

If you wish to read something fun, interesting and witty, then this book is for you.