To cut a story short…

Is the short story the answer to our shorter attention-spans?

I recently attended a very interesting talk at the Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature on the topic of Short Stories. Cleverly titled The Gravity of Brevity, the three speakers had a lively discussion about how the short story was making a comeback.


Here are some golden nuggets from that discussion:

*a short story leaves a punch

*short stories are for introspection

* a short story has its own physics, its own trajectory

* a short story has to be true to the reality the writer has created, and (my favorite)

*In the social media age, the short story is the golden medium.

For writers, a short story takes just as much out of a writer as writing a full-length novel. Within that limited space, every single word, every sentence, every comma and colon is important.

Having said all this, I wonder then why it is so hard to get publishers interested in short story collections?

Readers, writers, I’d love to hear your view of the short story.

Until next time….


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