Minnie’s Page(s): one lonesome woman’s attempts to write that magnum opus…. Dubai, oh Dubai!- all about setting.

Dubai oh Dubai!

A continuation of the travails and tribulations and the struggles I’m going through in my writing. These are just little hints I’m throwing along the way in an attempt to lure you into getting more interested in my novel (whenever it comes out).


Why a novelist chooses where a novelist chooses to set her or his novels

Or (to put it briefly)

Why I chose Dubai as a setting for my novel

You’ve read all that stuff about how time and place maketh a man. I mean, someone born and brought up in New York or New Delhi will be very different from someone brought up say in The People’s Republic of China. Maybe not the essence of the person, but still, the place does influence a person’s character and outlook.

Now, for my magnum opus, (and I’m keeping the name of my novel a closely guarded secret and referring to it as my M.O) I’ve chosen Dubai as the setting. Why Dubai?

Dubai Frame- Dubai’s latest surreal landmark (courtesy google images)
  1. I live here
  2. It’s peopled with many colourful characters (like all cities I hear you mutter)
  3. It’s very glittery (if you’re a first-time tourist, you’ll immediately notice the big bright lights, especially during festivals), and
  4. It’s got a vibe to it, a soul. (OK, this may be a bit of a cliché- every city has a soul I guess. But I added this bit to pump up the word count.)

Well, these are just some of the reasons I can think of. Now my M.O. has quite a few colourful characters. My protagonist is airy-headed and a bit confused but still very lovable (at least I like to think so). But her society friends are caricatures of the most stuck-up and pretentious people you can ever meet! Their only job seems to be attending parties, day and night. And after every party, they discuss everything about it- the food, the arrangements, the hostess’s clothes, the décor – just everything – threadbare. My protagonist faces them squarely, but can’t help feeling a little intimidated by them, as well as in a way emulating them. She’s in a way a poor little rich girl!

Here are some of the pretentious things about Dubai’s pretentious people;

party animals
The beautiful party animals of Dubai
…and some more
  1. A party has at least three different cuisines
  2. Dinner is served at 1 a.m.
  3. The success by which a party is measured is how late it ends
  4. The décor is sometimes ott (over the top), but the event management companies have a field day
  5. The toilet decoration is something out of a high-end glossy. (Yes, it’s lovely visiting the rest room if you’re lucky enough to be invited to one of the abodes of the rich and famous, and notice the little pansies and daisies etched on the super-soft toilet paper, all custom-made. And I think in the kids’ loo, it’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse or one of those new cartoon characters that I’m not still familiar with! Imagine what you’re using for your ..ummm- derriere!))

Well, I hope I’ve left you wondering what my M.O. is about, and panting to read it!

Do leave me with your thoughts. I’m sure some of you will disagree with what I’ve said. I’d love to hear your views.

Until next time!


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