Keeping sane in these mad times

The Big C. undefined

Know what I’m talking about? Of course you do. It’s the Coronavirus, or, to use its shorter and sharper name, COVID-19. (Actually, the magnified image of it looks quite pretty, but it’s the deadliest thing going.)

Don’t ask me why it’s number 19. I’m sick and tired of all the scientific and non-scientific jargon, the half-assed cures suggested to keep the virus at bay ( chew four or fourteen cloves of garlic, take this or that homeopathic medicine, boil pomegranate skin in two glasses of water and drink the extract…). No one seems to be talking about anything else, and I’m sure you too are SICK AND TIRED of the whole darned thing!

No, this is not to trivialise the virus (better to err on the side of caution, better to be panicky and well-prepared, as this runt is little-known and mighty dangerous). But no one seems to be talking about anything else. Programs and shows have been cancelled. We’re even afraid of going to any large gatherings, and (bless me!), even spending time in a mall! Isn’t mall-crawling the last resort of the completely and utterly bored of the human species?

After being locked in for almost a week, I’d had enough! I told the better half that I’d go crazy if I didn’t see Sheikh Zayed road, didn’t whizz down it, didn’t have a bite of something that isn’t home-cooked. (You see how good I’ve been).

So that’s just what we did- virus be damned – zipped down SZR, and picked up a thaali at my favorite hole-in-the-corner restaurant.

There’s only so much you can do, so much you can restrain from, before you go mad.

What did you do, and how is Mr Vicious Virus treating you? Let me know….

3 thoughts on “Keeping sane in these mad times

  1. Even worse is the plight of children.Nurseries have been closed in Frisco and my three year old great grand son is draining out the energy of his working parents and grandma..
    Me,I am grateful to all standup comedians who keep me sane.


    1. Yes indeed, it’s hard for parents with young kids to keep them occupied.
      I’m trying to make use of this self- confinement by catching up on my reading and writing. It seems Shakespeare wrote his best plays during the Plague, when the theatres were closed. Perhaps this is the time to ponder and reflect? Or bring out that creative streak in you?


  2. A confession :

    Corona has been very kind.
    I am writing what I could not write pre- Corona.
    I will not be the same again. Neither be my Madam Ego.
    Never knew one day ( or the year 2020, to be more precise )
    I will be indebted to Corona and Exalted Rahu ( the Negative Energy ).

    But then we live and wait to get our ego (s ) punctured. Our Spouses
    can not do it every time. They have other & more, productive things to do.
    In this matter Negativity comes to our help. Especially when yours truly had
    abundant Positive Energy but remained an ever blinking tube light. Thanks to
    Negative Energy had full “electricity voltage / supply” and became a light giving
    and throwing full beam light.


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