Kitty parties or Catty Parties? The choice is yours…




Are you a member of a kitty? If you are, you’re lucky. If you aren’t, well, you don’t know what you’re missing.

For the uninitiated, kitty parties are peculiar to females, where the members contribute a certain sum of money to the “kitty” every month, (hence the name), and lots are drawn to see which lucky member gets the sum.

Kitties may range from a token amount, just a few hundreds, to perhaps a few thousands for those who have that kind of disposable income. Most women are in it for the fun, a chance to meet and let their hair down. The kitty money is just an added bonus, and also perhaps a way of ensuring members continue attending.   The meeting may be at a restaurant or it may be in someone’s home. Usually, the person who is getting the kitty hosts the party.

Now, kitty parties have unfairly gained a bad name and are considered frivolous and a time-waster, indulged in by women who have nothing better to do, no work to tie them down, no hobbies or pastimes; it is wrongly perceived as a gossip circle, a who-said-what-to-whom, with some backstabbing bitchiness thrown in for good measure. Not a kitty but a catty party.

I am a member of two kitties, and I can tell you, with my hand on my heart, that nothing can be further from the truth. At least, not if you don’t let it deteriorate into a no-holds-barred gossip session. And here are my reasons:

  • it’s a fun way to meet, for both working women and stay-at-homes. The kids are away in school, the husbands at work, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to get away from it all, be it housework or just plain work (if you can squeeze in a little extra time during your lunch break).
  • You learn what’s going on in town, whether it’s the latest must-see movie or a new restaurant, or even more intellectual subjects like your child’s college education or fiscal policies and politics. It’s certainly not a meeting of empty heads, talking about clothes and jewelry (altho’ those do figure in the conversation, but only sometimes).
  • Kitty money is a great bonus. Many laugh that it’s no great deal, that you’re just paying each month and not really making any money. Who cares? Usually, that lump sum you get is yours and yours alone, and you can do what you like with it – blow it up, splurge on frivolities, pay for some expensive dental treatment, or perhaps even add it to the family coffers if you so wish.
  • Some kitties include a game, and some of these games can be extremely innovative and imaginative. Research shows that games in adulthood stimulate our emotional and mental well-being.
  • And yes, a little bit of gossip never hurt anybody. We all have to admit, our ears do prick up when we hear something interesting or unsavoury. Only, it is up to us to never let this become vicious.
  • Finally, (and I say this loud and clear), we are all unabashedly carb-loving women, and kitty-lunches are usually a carboholic’s dream come true.

So, dear reader, if you are still not tempted to join a kitty after reading this blog, then all I have to say is, man, you’re missing out on something!

Until next time…


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